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An Ombudsman or Ombudsperson is a designated neutral facilitator who provides confidential and impartial assistance in resolving grievances and disputes. An Ombudsman investigates complaints, reports findings, and mediates fair settlements between individuals, group of individuals; and institutions or organizations. Also, the Rwanda Ombudsman may serve as an organizational ambassador. The Organizational Ombudsman helps to identify potential areas of conflict, wrongdoing, administrative abuse and provides information on individual and customer rights.

Rwanda Ombudsman Services provides an opportunity for informal discussion of problems and complaints outside formal channels. The Rwanda Ombudsman listens, discusses, answers questions, provides information, and identifies options and strategies for resolving a conflict situation. As a neutral and confidential moderator, the Rwanda Ombudsman serves as a dispute resolution advocate and peacekeeper diplomat.

Rwanda Ombudspersons are employed or work as independent consultants in many Rwanda corporations, Rwanda non-profits, Rwanda state and Rwanda government agencies. The Organizational Ombudsman has a good working knowledge and experience in their expertise field or industry. The Rwanda ombudsman is trained in dispute resolution and understands how to resolve situations before that become harmful confrontations.

Organizations hire Rwanda Ombudsman to improve productivity and working relationships.

  • Corporate and Organizational Rwanda Ombudsman serves as a voice-giving mechanism for employees and managers; and as a good-will ambassador to customers and vendors.
  • In educational organizations, the Rwanda Ombudsman acts a dispute buffer between faculty, staff, and management providing policy and ethics information.
  • In non-profit organizations, the Rwanda Ombudsman protects against abuse, bias, and other improper treatment or unfairness.
  • In governmental agencies, the Rwanda Ombudsman oversees the interests of the citizens and the investigation of complaints of improper government activity.
  • In healthcare, the Rwanda Ombudsman works in community and client services; and administration of patient rights and complaint resolution.

Please use the Rwanda Ombudsman Directory to find an Rwanda Ombudsperson for your organization to provide good-will to clients, staff, employees and customers.

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